How can I migrate from a bachelor’s in Computer science engineering to a career in cyber security, as an incident responder or penetration tester. : hacking


Hello everyone! I am a first year college student currently enrolled in a bachelor’s in technology with Computer Science Engineering. I want to pursue a career in Cyber Security, as an incident responder, a penetration tester or maybe as forensics (I am not really sure but have an idea). Since I am already rolled in, what certifications should I get to transition into the above said roles. I already have a little knowledge of IT Infrastructure and some basic penetration testing experience.

I have started learning and reading but I want to know what certifications I can go through that will help me transition into such a role. If there are none, should I go with a change in stream and turn to IT? There is an option to turn to a specialization course in CSE as my current university provides it, but i’d like to pick that as an absolute last (it involves a lot of complications and troubles, plus its financially straining). Thank you for your advice and help!

PS: Any advice, books or materials you think are a must, please mention them! Thank you for the advice and the help again!

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